Thursday, January 5, 2023

2023 Reading Challenge Goals

Another fresh reading year to start.  I find it fun to plan out some reading goals for the year.  I am a mood reader for the most part, but I also find it fun to cross off some goals or do challenges that help me get some books read that sometimes languish on the bottom of my To Be Read piles or lists or ones that I've forgotten I want to read.  

Challenge #1  Reading off my own shelves.  This year I'm going to change up the challenge a bit and instead of certain prompts for each month I'm going to do a different color for each month.  So I'll choose a color each month, look through all my books that I own of that color and make a stack to choose from for that month.

Challenge #2  Each month I will also pull one oldest and one newest of my purchased new books (books I actually paid money for).  This will not include any books that I get from Free Little Libraries or next to free Library sales.

Challenge #3  At least one book a month from my library want to read list

Challenge #4  At least 4 hard copy formats of non-fiction books from my own piles.  

Challenge #5  Finish the verse by verse study of Romans that I'm doing with a friend.
 Read a Psalm or Proverb each day.  When done that read from the gospels each day.                       

Challenge #6  Goodreads Reading Goal challenge.   This year I've set my goal at 40 books read by the  end of 2023

This year I've also made a last chance pile.  These are books that I've had for years and they've either been on previous to read lists several times and never got read or I just don't reach for them at all.  This is their last chance.  If I don't read it at some point this year they will go.  I'm not going to hang onto them any longer.  If you've read any of them and have loved them now's your chance to convince me to get to it for sure this year!  


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