Tuesday, January 4, 2022

2022 Reading Challenge

 A fresh new year, fresh new books and fresh new challenges.  Or are they?  My challenges last year I would say for the most part were fun and I really enjoyed doing them. How did I do?  Well I didn't meet my Goodreads goal of 50.  I have had that goal forever and am always shy of it so this year I am adjusting it 45 and see if that helps me push to get there.  I have done that many before but not in recent years.  I would say the Read Your Shelf challenge with it's different prompts was a rounding success for me last year.  I loved that I could still do a prompt based challenge while still having choices within that challenge.  I completed books every single month and got them read and out of my closet and enjoyed every minute of that.  In fact I read 18 books that fit into that challenge.  Some crossed over with my read a book each month out of my 2019 - 2021 purchases so that helped out too.    I'll be doing that one again this year.  If you're interested here is a link to that:  Read Your BookShelf Challenge 2022.    I got some great reads knocked off my library want to read shelves too.  

So this year my challenges will not be fresh and new per se as I am going to do those very same ones.  My biggest goal is to get the books I already own read without bringing in too many more.  I loved the Read Your Shelf challenge because rather than being a quarterly challenge with a long list of specific books it let me pick a pile of books each month and still gave me mood reading posssibilities and it was only a month before I could change things up.  Sometimes with the quarterly challenge, I was finding myself not wanting my choices anymore and wanting to read something else by the time that 3rd month rolled around.  I'll also continue both the Read One a Month from my Current Purchases (2020-2022) and Read One a Month From the Library Shelf.  I'm also adding at least 3 non-fictions (I'm so bad at finishing non-fiction yet own so many) and at least 3 Audiobooks.  So there you have it.  2022 Reading is looking good!


January - A book with any kind of "quiet" word in the title

February - A book with "love" in the title

March - a book that has something to do with growth

April - A book that has your initial in the title

May - A New to You Author

June - A book with a book on the cover

July - A book you've been avoiding but actually want to read

August - A book that has a body part in the title

September - Read a collection

October - A book with the word "secret" in the title

November - a book that makes you feel cozy or nostalgic

December - a book that has a mostly white cover

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